Category: Future Studies

The Rise of Metacognition

  2020 continues to be a year of challenges, many of which I thought we would be over and done with. Part of this belief came from my own ignorance of the world around me and what other people are subject to all over the globe even in the most modern of metropoleis in the… Read more »

The Great Space Race

In my last post I talked about the good that comes with the bad of the messy transition time we’re in. In summary, there’s a lot to look forward to in the future but first, we have to get through this chaotic period together.  I left out a number of pillars that will help create… Read more »

Taking a Leap Year

Two Swans for the price of one I’m hopeful about the future because with this “Black swan event” also comes a Green swan. The yin to the yang, the balancing force on it’s way increasing efficiencies through combined energies of humanity solving one common problem. Now that we’ve had a small taste of a potentially… Read more »

AI: our Digital Genie

The first personal robots assistants are already here, and much like genies, they are trapped inside a physical object. Instead of lamps, we use our phones to cajole them to come out and be helpful. Although willing, they rarely provide perfect assistance and in most situations result in frustration especially when unable to string answers… Read more »


The Age of Transparency Part Two – The Fall of the Hero

People have evolved past the “anchorman” way of telling news, partially because of how little real journalism is getting done these days. News has devolved into mindless rhetoric and un-researched bias-based dribble to maintain a level of profitability that relies on people’s addiction to fear-porn, and narcissism. New media is not entirely immune. An example… Read more »

The Age of Transparency Part One – Changing Media

Casual computing and access to social media has radically altered our perception of media. We have gone from one channel with several voices to thousands of channels and hundreds of millions of voices in eighty years. The birth of social media Unlike traditional media, whose purpose is to provide temporary spin and keep you fixed to… Read more »

Supersonic Commerce

Elon Musk’s idea for the creation of the Hyperloop transport system is not a crazy (or technically his) idea, but it is the logical evolution of high-speed rail and could be a boon to a domestic economy, both by creating jobs in its construction and maintenance and by morphing our idea of acceptable commute distances. The Hyperloop… Read more »